Now sports teams, leagues and arenas can bring the KissCam experience to their events without the need for a professional cameraman, camera equipment or a po-tentially inappropriate live feed. Instead, the licensed Contest in the Arena runs what can now become a revenue generating contest through the KissCam patented mobile app. All the venue needs to provide is the announcer, who directs attendees (with assistance from the Jumbotron) on how to download and use the app as well as how participate in the contest with attendee smartphones.

KissCam LLC is the ONLY mobile app granted a patent for a “Contest in the Arena.” (Patent 10.162.839) and a second patent to hold the Contest in public and entertainment venues Patent 10.248.665. The Event feature creates an opportunity for venues to interact with their fans on a deeper level and garner awareness and impressions outside of the event, while also simultaneously collecting demographic data.

The features and benefits for contest hosts are game changing:


  • Only the KissCam app allows fans to vote and the venue to retain user data — With our patented technology, our app is the only social media platform that can provide both voting capabilities and data retention to your arena.
  • Geo-Targeting and Geo-Fencing Capabilities — Since the app-hosted contests are not live feeds from stadium cameras, the contests are not rele-gated solely to stadium attendees. Venues can run contests with at-home viewers, radio listeners, social media followers and live attendees. This fur-ther adds to the collection of fan data and sponsorship revenue. The app can be geo-fenced to any geo-location a host wishes to reach … anywhere in the world.
  • Legal protection from inappropriate behavior — Contest in the Arena, which supports the ability to vet images as they are uploaded to the Kisscam server, protects the venue from unwittingly publishing any inappropriate images.
  • Points Contests / Loyalty Program – The built-in points system allows users to earn points for participating in contests. Using an automated rewards app is one of the best ways for businesses to easily encourage engagement as well as reward long-term loyal customers. Participants can use these points towards prizes, purchases and more.
  • It keeps more fans actively engaged for longer periods of time during the game — Fans love to post their team-branded photos on their social media pages, providing your team and the contest sponsors with viral exposure and engagement.

How it Works:

  • The venue MC announces “we are having a KissCam contest for everyone to enter and possibly win a (prize, vacation, plane trip, swag).” He outlines the arena contest theme and parameters. The theme, parameters and prizes are limited only by your marketing team’s imagination and budget. You can do a traditional KissCam photo contest or run contests such as the best dressed fan in a team outfit selfie.
  • The venue announcer explains the contest to fans and instructs attendees on where and how to download the KissCam app.
  • The app instructs fans to upload their photos. Arena staff then choose final-ists … three, five, twelve — as many as you wish, and then displays the photos up on the big screen for all to see.
  • Fans then vote on their favorite photo. They can even solicit votes from their connections on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This allows your contest to go viral and generate votes (and data) from people who aren’t actually in the arena. The lucky winner is chosen by the most votes (or some other parameter chosen by the contest host). This facilitates the opportunity for exponential fan engagement growth.


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