Corporate Events

Does your corporation, organization, charity event or nonprofit sponsor events where you might like to

  • Boost engagement,
  • Virally extend your brand reach, and
  • Create a new revenue stream?

    The KissCam mobile contest app can help your group or organization achieve all of these objectives … and more

We will help you develop an event contest as well as design a branded photo frame. The frame might simply contain your event logo, or it might contain the logos of one or more of your conference sponsors. thereby providing a sponsorship revenue stream for your event. KissCam can even geo-fence the mobile app so only those in attendance at your event venue can participate, or the event can be opened up to any geo-location the host identifies.

If you’d like to design your own contest frame, KissCam will provide your organization with the dimensions and design criteria that is required for your branded photo frame to be compatible with all iOS and Android phones.

Contact KissCam now to get started on your custom photo frame to use with the KissCam app for your event!


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