Get to Know KissCam

Hey fellow KissCamers!!!

Welcome to the new KissCam blog.  I’m Crystal and I will be giving you a special behind the scenes look at KissCam.  I promise not to hold anything back unless it could hurt our vision of what we want to accomplish.  But don’t worry, I will give full disclosure when I can.

So many of you might have been asking…What is KissCam?  Well let me tell you. Have you been to a sporting event and seen those segments where a camera scans the crowd to find random couples to show some very public PDA over the jumbotron (with a sponsors logo on the screen also) and then thousands of random fans (strangers) applaud before the camera moves on to the next?  The fans stop and stare before going to the concession stand. This is GOLD to the advertiser. This video normally takes place during a timeout for around a minute and a half, and money well spent by the advertiser.  This short video has been around since the ‘80’s and is only in the US and Canada. This KissCam video had not been changed since its creation in the 1980’s until 2012 when our founder and brains behind it, Dana Veitch (you’ll learn more about him in our next blog), trademarked the phrase KissCam and worldwide (See our story here).

It all started with a missed kiss, when Dana took his girlfriend to a Denver Nuggets game.  They both wanted to be selected and uploaded onto the jumbotron, but it didn’t happen. After the KissCam segment ended and the game commenced, Dana looked around and asked himself, “How many other couples wanted to be shown on the jumbotron?”  This is where he found his mission to solve, the “not to be left out” dilemma, and that’s when he started digging. Dana started by developing the first KissCam social media app launching in 2013 with only two hearts, yes my friends I said two hearts.  Now, after 4 updates, we have as many hearts and friends and family frames as you want.

Dana worked diligently to find out how far a reach KissCam had made globally.  He reached across the pond into Europe, Asia, and even Africa, and discovered people worldwide knew and adored KissCam.  He knew that he could go global with this little gem collecting data, the downloads worldwide were astonishing. Today, our KissCam app has the capability to upload an infinite number of hearts that specialize in holidays, special events, celebrations, and all the way down to even your special day or celebration.  Over these past years of testing, KissCam LLC has proven the KissCam brand is well established globally, something companies strive to reach by spending millions of dollars.

Along with the global trademarks, we’ve been awarded two patents for our “Contest in the Arena” and “Contest in Public Locations.”  These patents are game changers for contests at sporting events, concerts, and everywhere else imaginable. KissCam LLC has filed a third patent and expect that approval shortly and will be another company maker (we’ll tell you all about it later as we add it to our repertoire).  I have more to tell, so this means you’ll have to come back.

Small but mighty, the KissCam brand already established and with its patents, ‘Katy bar the door!”  KissCam will be a welcomed asset to most any retail business.

Download our free app and enjoy our exclusive frames and overlays.  Make the KissCam hearts and frames your go-to app for social media postings! Check out our Facebook page, page.  We would love to see how you all make memories with your friends and families, and how you’ve made us part of them!

Our mission is to have KissCam everywhere and to enrich your life!

So show us how you KissCam and until next time,