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It all started with a missed kiss... 💋

You think you know KissCam … the kissing game that takes place at professional sports arenas when there is a break in the action. Well, that’s the legacy KissCam.

KissCam has matured to become a globally trademarked, multi-patented, geofencing, mobile contest app that has revolutionized not only how and where the “game” is played, but who can play it and when.

The mobile app brings arena and venue operators a new, practically limitless reve-nue stream through fan participation, ad sales, social media promotion and data collection. Rather than requiring a live camera feed from the arena or ballpark, the venue simply has the announcer direct attendees (with assistance from the Jumbotron) on how to enter the contest to win a prize. Attendees are advised on where to download the app and how to use it in order to participate in the contest with their smartphones.

Attendees no longer have to wait and hope for the camera person to focus the sta-dium camera on them. Now, anyone and everyone can participate. The images taken with mobile devices are all framed with a custom frame of the venue’s choice, and then uploaded to not only the KissCam server for vetting and voting, but the image can easily be shared on social media through the app itself. Attendees can even invite their friends to vote, which provides the venue with viral marketing from the contest.

Since the photo frame or heart is custom designed for each event, the arena or sta-dium has the opportunity to sell sponsorships on the frame. Now sponsors aren’t limited to banners hanging inside the venue. Arenas can up-sell the sponsors to include banners on the app that become front and center to all venue participants. Or, maybe the venue wants to find new sponsors. The opportunities are limited only by your marketing team’s imagination.


Features and Benefits of the KissCam Mobile Contest App

♣ Legal Protection From Inappropriate Behavior — The System Vets Images Before They Are Shared, Avoiding The Publication Of Any Inappropriate Images.

♣ Fans Are Actively Engaged For Longer Periods Of Time —  The Current 1-2 Minute Kiss Cam Segment Runs During A Break In The Game And Then It Ends, Back To The Game. Through Social Media, The KissCam App’s Sharing Feature Provides  The Contest Sponsors With Even More Positive Exposure And Engagement Throughout The Game.

♣ The Ability To Vote Makes It A More Engaging Event — Fan Engagement Is The Main Focus For Venue Operators . With Our Patented Contest Technology, KissCam Is The Only Voting Social Media Platform Available For Arenas.

♣ Geo-Targeting And Geo-Fencing Capabilities — The Contests Are No Longer Available Solely To Stadium Attendees. The App Can Be Geo-Fenced To Any Geo-Location A Host Wishes To Reach …Worldwide. This Further Adds To The Collection Of Fan Data And Sponsorship Revenue.

♣ Points Contests / Loyalty Program – The Built-In Points System Allows Users To Earn Points For Participating In Contests. These Points Can Be Used To Buy Swag, Discounts, Or Whatever The Sponsor Chooses To Offer.

♣ Available For IOS And Android Phones

“Contest in the Arena” Patent

KissCam LLC was issued US patent 10,162,839 on December 25, 2018 for the right of event spectators to participate in a contest by taking and posting pictures or videos via their smart phones from inside the venue on which others can vote. The submission garnering the most votes wins the contest. Fans commemorate their event experience with a digital framed memento, sponsors extend their brand exposure as photos are launched into social media, and the venue receives new sponsorship revenue and data collection to further their marketing efforts.


A Ticket to Fun

KissCam is dedicated to creating new ways for brands and fans to connect on a deeper level. From custom designed photo frames available in our app, to our exclusive U.S. patented “Contest In The Arena” event feature, KissCam makes events more memorable for attendees and more lucrative for brand sponsors. Venues and organizations hosting KissCam contests can boost participants’ engagement, extend brand awareness through social media shares, and create new revenue streams through sponsorships of the contest.

KissCam also helps celebrities, professional sports players and influencers expand their brand by providing custom white labels versions of our app.

The opportunities for partnerships and licensing agreements are endless! We look forward to working with you to ensure your next event leaves a lasting impression!


KissCam LLC is the ONLY mobile app granted a patent for a “Contest in the Arena.” (Patent #15/942,190). The Event feature creates an opportunity for venues to interact with their fans on a deeper level and garner awareness and impressions outside of the event, while also simultaneously collecting demographic data.


We’ll take your branded photo frame and load it into the KissCam app. Your custom frame will be geo-fenced so that it will only display to people who are located within a certain distance from your venue. It’s perfect for weddings, corporate retreats and conferences.


Let us be the architect of your mobile app! We build and produce custom White Label versions of our app’s platform for celebrities, professional sports players and entrepreneurs looking to expand their personal brand. Let’s discuss how we can help you further engage with your fans!


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